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These are some basic steps regarding your uCoz domain installation - Look forwards to welcoming any of your more information:

Do not clutter up your websites with pop-up banners, respect your visitors and don't scare them away.

If you enable the "Watermark" option in the Common Settings, the system will automatically put your site address on all uploaded JPEG files.

You may change the design of your website either fully or partially in the "Customize Design" section of the Control Panel.

Unauthorized hiding of the uCoz ad bar or copyright will lead to the blocking of your account.

The uCoz company informs about all innovations at the Forum.

When you create a forum, don't add many sections and forum at once for large empty forums scare away people.

We recommend to use the FireFox browser for it is the most safe and stable browser.

The use of static .html files is allowed in combination with the use of system dynamic content modules.

You can disable reputation for certain users in the section "Users" -> "Module Settings" of the Control Panel.

By means of the "Informers" feature in the Control Panel you may display various data from the content modules at any place of your website.

If you build an interesting website and do this with loving care, you bound to succeed.

You should promote your website only after you have filled it in with content.

You can attach any domain (.com, .net, .org etc.) to your website in the section "Domain attachment" of the Control Panel.

It is easy to avoid the account blocking! Read attentively uCoz Terms of Use.

By means of the "Backup" feature in the Control Panel you can create a full or partial backup copy of your website and save it on your computer.

You may select a new site design anytime in the "Common Settings" section of the Control Panel.

Maximal size of a file to upload cannot exceed 15Mb.

Use special services to store large files.

Having switched to the "Builder" mode, in the top menu, you will be able to easily customize the design of your site.

The feature "Mass mail dispatch" can be enabled in the settings of the "Users" module of the Control Panel.

You may easily distribute user permissions on the website in the section "Users" -> "User groups" of the Control Panel.

The "Substitution of default phrases" feature of the Control Panel permits to replace most website words and phrases.

The uCoz company welcomes and supports in every possible way your attempts to earn money out of your websites.

The "Graffiti" feature, in "Multimedia" tab, will let you enliven your website with simple drawings.

It is very useful to look through all the items of the top bar menu on the website and in the Control Panel.

In the "Template Builder" section of the Control Panel you will be able to create full-fledged designs for the uCoz system and to earn money.

To do this you must have designing skills and good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

You may use "File Manager", in the top menu, or an FTP client (the details are in the Control Panel) to upload files).

uCoz is a commercial project, therefore we do our best for users' websites to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can tag and sign objects and people on the photos, uploaded to photo albums.

It is a very convenient and modern feature. You can create your own set of smileys in the "Smileys Editor" of the Control Panel.

The more visitors come to your website, the faster the disk space is increasing.

If you upload a "favicon.ico" file via File Manager, this icon will be displayed in a browser near the website address.

Passwords must be complex (example: "kDi3p9S7"), otherwise a violator will be able to find out your password by means of a special program.

Never tell your passwords anybody and under any circumstances.

You may use any JavaScripts on your website.

After you have activated the module, please, examine the "Module Settings" section, this will help you to solve many tasks.

After you have attached a paid domain, you will be able to make any e-mail boxes in this domain (

You will find answers to many questions at the uCoz Support Forum.

uCoz staff never asks for your passwords. Any requests of this kind are cheating.

A website is considered to be inactive if it has not been visited for 40 days running.

You may adjust any content modules according to your needs, e.g. make a Recipe Catalog out of the File Catalog, or Desktop Wallpapers out of the Photo Albums module.


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